Sphynx cats, with their captivating hairless appearance, have won the hearts of many cat lovers worldwide. Originating from a genetic mutation in the 1960s, these unique felines require special care and attention, particularly when it comes to keeping them warm and maintaining their sensitive skin. As cold weather poses challenges for these naked kitties, many owners wonder if dressing them in clothes is a viable solution. In this article, we will explore the considerations for keeping Sphynx cats warm, the benefits of clothing, and the essential aspects of Sphynx cat skin care.


Keeping a Hairless Cat Warm:

Sphynx cats lack the protective fur layer that most cats have, making them more susceptible to temperature fluctuations. As Kirsten Kranz, founder of the Wisconsin-based Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, points out, if you find the temperature uncomfortable, it's even worse for Sphynx cats. Providing them with warmth becomes essential during colder months.


Cat Apparel for Warmth:

One effective way to keep Sphynx cats warm is through cat apparel. There is a wide range of clothing options available, from cozy sweaters and hoodies to shirts and scarves designed specifically for hairless cats. Dr. Elizabeth Mauldin, a professor of dermatology, recommends using soft fabrics like fleece and cotton to ensure comfort and prevent skin irritation. Additionally, there are UV-repellant clothes available to protect Sphynx cats from sunburn during warmer days.

However, it's crucial to note that not all Sphynx cats may take to wearing clothes. Some may tolerate them well, while others may feel stressed or uncomfortable. Understanding your cat's preferences is vital before investing in a cat wardrobe.


Blankets and Cozy Beds:

For Sphynx cats that dislike wearing clothes, providing cozy spots with blankets or heated cat beds can be a viable alternative. Heated beds should be used cautiously, ensuring they are not too hot to avoid burns, as Sphynx cats lack fur protection from direct heat contact. A cat covered bed can also create a comforting little cave for them to stay warm in.


Sphynx Cat Skin Care:

Apart from keeping Sphynx cats warm, proper skin care is crucial due to their lack of fur. Since fur typically protects the skin from environmental irritants, Sphynx cats need regular grooming and attention. Their skin can accumulate oils, leading to dirt and potential infections.


Regular Warm Baths:

Sphynx cats require frequent warm baths to maintain clean and healthy skin. It's essential to use cat shampoo and moisturizer specifically formulated for sensitive skin to avoid drying it out. Drying them thoroughly with cat bath towels, especially during cold weather, helps prevent chapping.


Attention to Specific Areas:

Certain areas, such as the ears, need extra attention, as they tend to be more waxy than in other breeds. Keeping these areas clean is crucial to prevent ear infections.



Owning a Sphynx cat requires special considerations due to their hairless nature. Keeping them warm and maintaining their sensitive skin are key aspects of their care. Whether through cat apparel or cozy beds, ensuring their comfort during cold weather is vital. Regular bathing and proper grooming are necessary to prevent skin issues. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of Sphynx cats, owners can provide them with a loving and healthy environment.
July 29, 2023 — PIKAPIKA

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