The rainy season offers a unique opportunity to appreciate your pet's individual quirks. Whether your dog gleefully splashes through rain puddles or prefers to stay snug under covers, they rely on you to guide them through the wet weather. To help you and your furry companion navigate this season smoothly, here are 10 essential tips for caring for your dog in wet weather.


1: Keep Their Fur Dry: 

While you can't always keep your pet's coat dry, toweling them off after rainy outdoor adventures is a great practice. Damp fur can harbor molds, bacteria, fungi, and mildew. A thorough rubdown helps prevent these issues. PIKAPIKA Styles offers exclusive raincoats to keep your pup dry in style, and neoprene raincoats provide effective protection.


2: Care for Those Paws: 

Your dog's paws need special attention. Veterinarians advise protecting their paws from damp and muddy conditions, which can expose them to disease-causing bacteria. Consider investing in a reliable pair of boots to shield their paws, even disposable boots are a practical option.


3: Watch for Infections: 

Be vigilant for signs of infection, such as constant licking, itching, scratching, or smelly ears. Some behaviors may indicate an underlying issue that requires professional attention. Prevention is key; a hoodie can help, but consult your vet if you suspect an infection.


4: Don't Forget Their Ears: 

Your pet's ears are vulnerable to moisture-related health concerns. Folded ears are susceptible to yeast and bacterial infections in wet weather. Ensure their ears stay dry with water-repellent carriers.


5: Provide a Warm, Clean Place: 

Offer your dog a warm, cozy bed to retreat to during wet or cold days. Regularly wash the bed to prevent allergens and bacteria buildup. Explore stylish bed options here in PIKAPIKA.


6: Maintain Your Schedule: 

Sticking to your routine minimizes the stress rainy weather can cause your dog. Even dogs that dislike the rain benefit from regular activities like scheduled walks. Upgrade your walks with Italian harnesses, leather leads, and fashionable collars and leads.


7: Exercise Indoors: 

When outdoor activities are limited, engage your dog with indoor playtime. This helps burn excess energy and strengthens your bond. Choose from engaging toys like Dino chew toys, designer bones, and Tuff toys from PIKAPIKA Styles.


8: Manage Their Diet: 

Monitor your pet's eating habits. Changes in appetite could signal stress. Adjust their diet based on reduced exercise levels. Adding small amounts of fiber to their diet improves regularity and peanut butter can make walks more successful.


9: Reduce Stress Levels: 

Minimize stress during rainy seasons by planning calming activities and choosing quieter walking routes to avoid traffic-related stressors.


10: Give Your Pup More Attention: 

Shower your dog with extra love and treats when they're stressed due to external circumstances. High-quality, organic treats can uplift their spirits. Following these dog tips for wet weather promotes happiness and health for both you and your furry companion.

September 27, 2023 — PIKAPIKA
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