Many friends are asking me, why are you buying so many clothes for your dog and you are dressing him so much? Is it just for good looking?

Actually dog wearing clothes have lots of benefits, today we would like to share some of this points, help you get better understanding.



Weather is an important reason:

For spring summer, clothes become a important key to protect your baby,prevent to be bitten by mosquito and infecting bacteria.


During this season, there are a lot of worn eggs hidden in the grass, also a lot of small bugs, when your dog is happy running in the outdoor, rolling itself in the grass, these little bugs you can't see, will hide into the dog's hair. 

Of course, proper monthly desinsectization is necessary, but a proper clothing also could help your dog protect his skin and prevent bugs from getting into his hair when he is enjoying outdoors. We have many dog clothes in spring summer collection, which is in very light and soft fabric, it’s very easy to wear,it does not burden your dog with movement.


For autumn and winter season, keep your dog warm is a very obvious reason to wear the clothes.

Different cities have different temperature conditions in winter. For example, Syracuse, New York, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Rochester,many cities have heavy snow every winter. Dogs living in these cities need to protect their feet and hooves from being damaged by snow in snowy weather. Dog wearing clothes and shoes to keep warm, will not catch the cold.


If the dog does not wear shoes to go out in the snow for a long time, the skin of the dog's feet are easy to be frozen by the snow, the skin will be destroyed.

For instance, short-haired dogs have poor ability to resist the cold. In the case of severe weather and temperature, wearing cotton-padded jacket,this will keep them warm, also avoid the dog catching a cold.


So dogs also need to wear different clothes to protect themselves for different weather conditions, just like humans.


Different breed of dogs has different body need:

Different breeds also have different clothing needs. 

Greyhounds, for example, have shorter coats and can't fend off the cold on their own. If they don't wear clothes in winter, they will shiver.

Greyhounds and Whippets are similar in that they have very long, slender limbs, different breeds, different bust sizes, so their clothing is different from other dogs. Usually greyhound clothes need to be made individually and specially.



There is also a very special breed of dog, the French bulldog. All owners who have kept french bulldog knows that bulldog is a very delicate pet, afraid of cold in winter and heat stroke in summer.

Because the nasal cavity is very short, it is easy to shout and not breathe well. Their limbs are shorter and their body is bigger, which is similar to that of Welsh Corgis, so normal dog clothes are not suitable for their limbs if they are the right size on the body, so their clothes need to be specially made.



So does a big long-haired dog doesn't have to wear clothes?

No, of course not.


For example, golden retriever, big dogs often lie on the cold ground, or on the hard ground, their knees and joints, long-term lying on the hard ground, easy to lead to arthritis, especially large dogs if there is no good calcium tablet supplement, more likely to lead to some joint problems.

Large dogs, like golden retrievers, is wearing clothing to protect their joints.


At the same time, some bibs can also make the jaw of a large dog, will not be dirty for a long time, can be kept clean and dry.

Above all, short-haired dogs need clothing to keep out the cold, and large dogs need clothing to protect their joints.

Of course, there are many different breeds of dogs with different needs, so we have a variety of different materials of clothing, to meet the needs of owners.


What should you pay attention to when dressing your dog?

First of all, the size is the most important, the details can refer to our measurement method. Getting the right size is the most critical step. 

Secondly, long hair dog, put on clothes, to timely take off the clothes, tidy up the hair, if long-term wearing clothes, do not take off the hair, the hair is easy to knot.


Happy pet, Happy life

Hopefully, your dog can enjoy spending time with you, can celebrate the good times with you in nice clothes during the holidays, put on new clothes, and your dog will be very happy too!

December 28, 2022 — PIKAPIKASHOP
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