In today's fashion world, pets have become an integral part of family life. We take great pride in announcing a significant milestone for our brand - our pet products have been featured in the recommendations section of British Vogue! This recognition not only reflects our unwavering dedication and exceptional quality but also marks a crucial breakthrough for our brand on the international stage. In this article, we will introduce you to our brand's pet products and delve into why they have earned a spot in the renowned British Vogue.

Exclusivity and Significance: Our Brand's Pet Products Featured in British Vogue's April and May Issues!

PIKAPIKA Pet Apparel Featured in British Vogue's Recommendations! 

The opportunity to be featured in British Vogue was a delightful surprise that came unexpectedly in the winter of last year. When we received the invitation from Vogue UK, we were filled with a mix of astonishment and excitement. Without hesitation, we immediately initiated discussions with the visionary minds behind the brands Sanccohouse and Selfist, which we collaborate with. Their enthusiasm matched ours, making the collaboration even more exhilarating.

Together, we worked diligently to create a collection of product images that perfectly captured the essence of our collaboration. These images were granted the privilege to be published in the esteemed pages of Vogue UK. The entire process was seamless and effortless, leaving us filled with confidence and gratitude for the Vogue team.

Being recommended by British Vogue has been a remarkable milestone for our brand. The endorsement from such a renowned publication has provided our team with a tremendous boost of confidence. We are grateful for this opportunity to showcase our exceptional pet products to a wider audience, and we are truly humbled by the trust placed in us by the Vogue team.

We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation, quality, and style, inspired by this incredible collaboration with British Vogue.

The British Vogue Recommendation

PIKAPIKA Pet Apparel Featured in British Vogue's Recommendations!


So Who We Are? Why Were We Featured in Vogue UK?

PIKAPIKA, a leading pet brand collective store, is dedicated to providing high-quality pet fashion and curated products. With a strong focus on pet apparel, we offer a diverse range of stylish and comfortable clothing options for your beloved furry friends.

At PIKAPIKA, we believe that pets deserve the best, which is why we have partnered with over 60 renowned pet brands to ensure a wide selection of top-notch products. Our global online platform enables customers worldwide to conveniently browse, purchase, and receive their orders with ease. Additionally, we offer exclusive brand discounts, allowing pet owners to indulge in quality products at affordable prices. Experience the pinnacle of pet fashion and unparalleled convenience with PIKAPIKA.

Brand Advantages: Catering to Special Body Types of Pets

PIKAPIKA Brand Advantages Catering to Special Body Types of Pets

At our brand, we understand the unique needs of pet families with special body types, such as Italian Greyhounds, Sphynx cats, and French Bulldogs. We have taken a special approach by creating dedicated categories for these specific body types, ensuring that their fashion needs are met with precision and care.

We are proud to collaborate with brands that specialize in researching and designing apparel for pets with special body types. This strategic partnership allows us to curate a collection of clothing options that are tailored to fit and enhance the comfort of these breeds.

In this market, our brand stands out with exceptional uniqueness and scarcity. The availability of specialized clothing for pets with specific body types is limited, and we aim to bridge this gap by offering a wide selection of fashionable and functional options for these pets. Our brand's commitment to addressing the needs of pets with special body types sets us apart and ensures that every pet can express their individuality and style with confidence.

The Importance of Pet Fashion


Photo from Boobie_billie 261k Followers on Instagram

In today's society, pet fashion has gained immense importance and recognition. Pets are no longer just companions; they have become cherished members of our families. Pet fashion plays a crucial role in enhancing their overall well-being and showcasing their unique personalities.

Pet fashion allows us to express our love and care for our furry friends. Dressing up our pets in stylish and trendy outfits not only brings joy to us but also demonstrates our commitment to their happiness and comfort.Pet fashion is a form of self-expression. Just like we use fashion to showcase our individuality, pet fashion allows us to reflect our pet's personality and style. Whether it's a chic sweater, a dapper bowtie, or a glamorous accessory, pet fashion helps our pets stand out and make a statement.

Moreover, pet fashion serves practical purposes as well. It provides protection from harsh weather conditions, such as sweaters and jackets in the winter or cooling vests in the summer. It also helps manage allergies and skin conditions by offering specialized fabrics and designs.Furthermore, pet fashion fosters a sense of community and connection among pet owners. It creates opportunities for socializing and bonding with fellow pet enthusiasts, whether at pet-friendly events, parks, or online platforms dedicated to pet fashion.

Lastly, the pet fashion industry has witnessed significant growth, leading to a diverse range of options for pet owners. From luxury brands to affordable and eco-friendly alternatives, there is something for every pet and pet owner's preference and budget.

So pet fashion is not just a trend; it has become an integral part of our lives. It allows us to celebrate our pets, express their unique personalities, and ensure their comfort and well-being. With its significance and increasing popularity, pet fashion continues to evolve, making our pets even more fashionable and adorable companions.

Quality Assurance and Ethical Considerations:

At our brand, we prioritize quality assurance and ethical considerations to ensure that every customer receives the best possible products and experiences. Here's how we uphold these values:

  1. Expert Buying Team: We have a dedicated team of professional buyers who carefully select products from each brand. They evaluate the quality, design, and ethical practices of the brands we collaborate with, ensuring that only the finest products make it to our shelves.

  2. Stringent Quality Checks: Before any order is shipped, we conduct a thorough quality check (QC) on each item. This meticulous inspection guarantees that every product meets our high standards before it is delivered to our customers. We want to ensure that you receive only pristine, brand-new items.

  3. No Compromise on Quality: We have a strict policy of not accepting returns or exchanges for non-defective items. This policy ensures that our customers receive products that have not been previously worn or tried on, eliminating the risk of pet skin diseases or bacterial infections.

  4. Ethical Sales Practices: We are committed to ethical selling practices. We do not engage in reselling items that have been returned or tried on, as this can compromise the health and well-being of pets. Our focus is on providing only brand-new, top-quality products to our customers.

  5. Customer Satisfaction: Our emphasis on quality assurance and ethical considerations is driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction. We want you to have complete confidence in the products you purchase from us, knowing that they are safe, of excellent quality, and ethically sourced.

By maintaining strict quality control measures and ethical standards, we strive to deliver a seamless shopping experience that prioritizes the health, well-being, and satisfaction of both pets and their owners.

Testimonials and Customer Feedback

PIKAPIKA Top Popular Pet Outfit over20k likes on Instagram

🔥PIKAPIKA Top Popular Pet Outfit over10k likes on Instagram 🔥

Our products have garnered significant attention and recognition on Instagram, capturing the hearts of pet owners and influencers alike. Here are some notable testimonials and customer feedback:

Ghost.and.wren, a Canadian Greyhound blogger with 55.7k followers, garnered nearly 50,000 likes when they wore our clothing. An Indian cat blogger celebrated reaching 200k followers by donning our products, receiving widespread praise. Noodybums, an American hairless cat blogger with 118k followers, received over 2,000 likes on each unboxing and styling video featuring our products. Additionally, Nile_sphynx, an American hairless cat blogger with 105k followers, received nearly 2,000 likes on their photo showcasing our products.

We are also proud to have received recognition from over 50 professional pet bloggers, including influential figures such as Zozothewhippet from the UK, Ollielee.doodle from the United States, and Hairlesslilbeans, among others.

These testimonials and customer feedback exemplify the wide-reaching impact and positive reception our products have generated within the pet influencer community. We are honored to have gained the trust and support of renowned bloggers and thousands of satisfied customers who appreciate the quality and style of our offerings.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue providing exceptional pet products that receive such enthusiastic acclaim, and we look forward to inspiring and delighting even more pet owners worldwide.

Impact and Future Endeavors

Our vision for the future is to see more adorable pets wearing our clothing and embracing our brand. We are driven by the desire to earn the recognition and support of pet owners worldwide. Our commitment to delivering high-quality pet fashion remains unwavering as we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Moving forward, we are dedicated to continually expanding our range of premium pet apparel and accessories. We aim to offer an even greater variety of stylish and functional options for pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Our goal is to become a global leader in pet fashion, earning the trust and admiration of pet owners worldwide.

Through innovative designs, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of pets, we will continue to make a positive impact in the pet fashion industry. We are excited to embark on this journey, creating a lasting impression on both pets and their owners.

We are immensely grateful for the support and loyalty we have received thus far, and we look forward to the future with enthusiasm and determination. Together with our valued customers, we will forge ahead, making our mark in the world of pet fashion and earning the recognition of pet owners everywhere.


So, what are you waiting for? Come get your lovely pet a whole new look! 

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