Rainy days can put a damper on your outdoor activities with your furry friend, but with the right gear, you can turn those soggy walks into enjoyable adventures. Enter the world of dog raincoats – a revolutionary solution to keeping your canine companion warm, dry, and happy during wet weather excursions. In this article, we'll delve into the benefits of dog raincoats and provide essential insights into choosing the perfect one for your pup.

Why Opt for a Dog Raincoat?

Have you ever wondered if your dog needs a raincoat? The answer is a resounding yes! Dog raincoats offer a plethora of advantages for both pets and pet parents. For those pups who'd rather avoid rain like the plague, a rain jacket designed for dogs can work wonders. It not only shields them from the elements but also helps acclimatize them to rainy conditions by providing warmth and dryness.

Moreover, outfitting your dog in a raincoat has an added bonus – it keeps your furry friend cleaner and less muddy, which means fewer post-walk baths and less of that notorious wet dog smell lingering around your home.

Key Considerations When Shopping for a Dog Raincoat

Selecting the ideal raincoat for your dog entails more than just finding the right size. Several features contribute to the functionality and comfort of a dog rain jacket. Here are crucial factors to bear in mind while choosing the perfect raincoat for your pup:

1. Leash Attachment:

Ensure the raincoat allows easy leash attachment, either to a harness or collar. Most raincoats feature a connection point on the back, between the shoulders, which is compatible with harnesses. Some styles might hinder front leash attachment.

2. Hood or No Hood:

A raincoat with a hood provides extra rain protection, but it might not be suitable for dogs with pointy ears. Consider your dog's head size and neck length, as a hood could obstruct their peripheral vision.

3. Coverage:

The extent of coverage varies across raincoat styles. From full suits to ponchos, choose based on your dog's activity level and body shape. More coverage is ideal for rain-loving dogs, while poncho styles suit pups with shorter legs.

4. Visibility:

Opt for raincoats with bright colors and reflective materials. This enhances visibility, especially in dark or gloomy conditions.

5. Fit:

A proper fit is paramount. The raincoat should be snug yet allow for comfortable movement. Learn how to measure your dog accurately for a raincoat by referring to our fitting guide.

Top Raincoat Picks for Small Dogs

For small dogs, it's essential to find raincoats that offer coverage without overwhelming their delicate features. Here are our recommendations:

1. Torrential Tracker:

This classic raincoat provides full coverage while leaving the legs free. It comes with an attached hood for extra protection.

2. Pick Me Poncho:

With velcro closures and playful patterns, this lightweight poncho-style raincoat is a convenient and stylish option. 

3. Cold Front Raincoat:

Ideal for chilly walks, this raincoat boasts a fleece lining and extra coverage for the front legs.

Top Raincoat Picks for Large Dogs

Covering larger dogs adequately can be a challenge, but these raincoats have got you covered:

1. Torrential Tracker:

This versatile raincoat, available in various sizes, offers water resistance, warmth, and visibility. It's designed to accommodate larger breeds.

2. Slush Suit:

Complete coverage for back, belly, and legs, this raincoat has a side zipper for easy dressing.

3. Grow-With-Me Raincoat:

Perfect for growing pups, this raincoat adjusts in size, ensuring your dog stays covered as they develop.

4. Complete Coverage Raincoat:

For massive breeds like Great Danes, this raincoat offers comprehensive coverage with adjustable features.

Beyond Raincoats: Additional Rain Gear

Enhance your dog's rainy day ensemble with these supplementary items:


1. Torrential Tracker Rain Hat:

An adorable alternative to a hood, this rain hat accommodates your dog's ears.

2. Unlined Wellies:

Keep your pup's paws clean and dry with these waterproof rain boots.


With the right rainwear, rainy walks will become a breeze for both you and your furry friend. Don't let the weather dictate your outdoor fun – explore the range of PIKAPIKA raincoats suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Shop our collection now and make rainy days enjoyable for your beloved pup!

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